Workbase is an innovative co-working space devoted to supporting the community of local entrepreneurs, small businesses and freelance workers in Montreal. Situated in a former textile factory in the heart of the city, Workbase’s unique services appeal to Millennial and Gen Z clients for their emphasis on flexibility, adaptability and an equal focus on work and relaxation.

Our client needed to create spaces that were inviting, functional and culturally aesthetic, while remaining true to the rich history of the city and the space itself. After being referred to Allseating by Groupe Focus, an elite-distributor of high-end brands of furniture, and learning of our outstanding reputation for dependability and prompt service in the community, Workbase selected Allseating for the remarkable quality of the products, sensible prices, and outstanding 12-year warranty.

To meet the needs of a young, mobile workforce who gather for impromptu meetings and quick collaboration, Workbase selected Exchange. As our GOOD DESIGN award-winning, modular and most customizable design to date, Exchange offers greater flexibility and choice while promoting functional needs and emotional wellness. For working, collaborating or even just waiting, Exchange filled an essential gap in Workbase’s ever-changing environment.

Additionally, as a co-working environment, Workbase required office seating that would suit a wide range of users, providing comfort and support for an equally wide range of tasks. To meet this challenge, Allseating suggested Entail—a chair that embodies Allseating’s commitment to affordable design. Highly ergonomic and visually appealing, Entail resets the standard for what an entry-level chair should be capable of. And, with fully adjustable lumbar support, Entail is a perfect solution for the wide range of users and tasks Workbase hosts day-to-day.

Impressed by the quality of the products, as well as Allseating’s prompt delivery and respect for project timelines, Allseating stood out to Workbase as an extraordinary supplier for reliability, commitment and customer service. Our dedicated team of sales support specialists made the entire process—from the start of the order to final installations—an easy, and pleasant experience for Workbase. We are proud to have helped punctuate their unique, contemporary space with our thoughtful designs.


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Exchange and Entail

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