Innate, A Fully Upholstered Ergonomic Task Chair

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Innate, A Fully Upholstered Ergonomic Task Chair
Allseating Releases Innate, A Fully Upholstered Ergonomic Task Chair Designed for All-Day Comfort and User Wellness

October 21, 2022


Allseating Releases Innate, a Fully Upholstered Ergonomic Task Chair Designed For All-Day Comfort and User Wellness

Developed by Award-Winning Designer, Todd Yetman, Innate is Highly Adjustable to Promote Focus and Wellbeing in the Office or at Home


Toronto, ON — August 2022 — Allseating, a leader in the design and development of cost-effective and highly ergonomic seating solutions for the office, educational, hospitality, and healthcare industries, has launched Innate, a fully upholstered ergonomic task chair envisioned by award-winning industrial designer Todd Yetman. Providing intrinsic and integrated functionality and customization for all-day comfort in private and open office spaces and home offices, Innate features a proprietary and intuitive design that was thoughtfully crafted to cradle the sit-bones and keep its user relaxed and focused.


“The majority of today’s workforce is having to divide their time between working from home or at the office, making the essential need for a clean and classic, yet casual and comfortable solution more evident than ever before,” said Paul Vendittelli, President of Allseating. “With the increased stress and uncertainty in the world these days, having a task chair like Innate that promotes comfort and focus means there’s one less thing to worry about.”


With a clean and comfortable aesthetic, Innate integrates seamlessly into any space as a functional alternative to conventional task seating. True to its namesake and Yetman’s classic award-winning style, Innate was designed with clean, soft lines and the plush comforts of home along with the ergonomic benefits of an office chair, successfully bridging the gap as an appropriate work-from-home chair or for a modern office.


“Now more than ever, employee wellness is being integrated into every aspect of the workplace, no matter the work environment, and quality ergonomic seating that adapts to the user is not excluded from that equation,” said Todd Yetman, Industrial Designer and Founder of Toronto-based firm Yetman & Co. “Knowing that the line between work time and free time is often blurred and that many employees report working longer hours at home versus in the office, Innate’s plush upholstery and absence of hard surfaces ensure that proper posture and back health are prioritized.”


Innate was designed to create a uniquely comfortable experience and adjust to a wide range of body types through instinctive and easily accessible modifications, which are hidden in its fully-integrated core. The chair’s integrated lumbar uniquely engages the flexible webbing straps located in the chair's back, which move and contract to mimic the natural curvature of the spine. This height-adjustable lumbar has a range of 4 inches, which ultimately allows it to meet the critical points of the lumbar for most users.


The chair’s headrest is the optimal solution for supporting the head and neck for hours at a computer. Boasting 60° pivot and five unique height positions within a 2.5 inch range, Innate’s headrest  provides adaptability to accommodate a variety of tasks throughout the day. A proprietary and highly ergonomic arm is available and has movement in virtually any position the user requires. The arm has 3.75 inches of height adjustment, while boasting 60 degrees of rotational movement around the user. The arm caps offer 245 degrees of pivoting range with a standard auto-lock feature for added safety. Together, these features create a vastly customizable and seamless experience.


Available in Black or Birch finishes, Innate impeccably harmonizes with any design, space, or palette. Furthermore, the upholstery can be customized with a nearly endless number of fabrics, including a multitude of bleach-cleanable options for maximum cleanability and sanitization.





For 40 years, Allseating has been a leader in the design and development of solutions that adjust to the needs of customers in the office, educational, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Our 100,000-square-foot facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada is home to our broad line of seating solutions. Whether it’s through innovative designs or comprehensive service programs, we’re always working at making people feel comfortable and productive.


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Todd Yetman is a GOOD DESIGN Award winner and long-time collaborator with Allseating. Known for putting fit-and-finish first and designing products that are aesthetically clean, poetically beautiful, and classic, Yetman is the founder of Toronto-based industrial design and engineering firm Yetman & Co.


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