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For most automotive dealerships, the service lobby is the first impression and the start of a long-term customer relationship. When your customers need to sit and wait for a couple hours while you deliver their service requirements, you have to work extra hard to keep them comfortable.

That’s why Balmoral Park Acura, a family-owned dealership based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, devised a strategy to redesign its facility to include a drive-in customer service center and new showroom that was comfortable, welcoming and highly durable. Customers could simply drive in, drop off their keys and enjoy coffee by the fireplace. Allseating’s Foster Lounge seating and tables were the ideal solution to support that vision.

At any given time, Balmoral Acura hosts 10-15 customers in the lounge – each averaging a visit of two hours. So, the evaluation team wasn’t just impressed with Foster’s clean lines and comfortable sit, they appreciated that Foster’s all-steel construction would offer the durability required to handle this kind of continuous use.

Given that customers often walk-in with salty, snowy or muddy boots, Balmoral Acura wanted to forgo traditional lounge furniture that could get damaged. Fosters steel legs, cleanable fabrics and removable covers made it an easy-to-maintain and easy-to-reconfigure solution. Better yet, the 10-year product warranty on all products gave Balmoral Park the confidence that Allseating would stand behind their seating.

While Foster’s stainless finish enabled Balmoral Park to create a sleek and welcoming lounge area, Allseating’s Inertia Task and Side chairs drove that comfortable customer experience home throughout the service and sales offices. Inertia was selected because of its refined profile and versatile fabric and finish options. The complementary and harmonized finish palette between Foster and Inertia allowed for the design team to create a unified look throughout the environment.

The automotive business is all about service; creating an engaging customer experience is a critical strategy for developing a loyal long-term relationship. For Balmoral Park Acura, the two Allseating lines created the ideal tag-team, with Foster providing a lasting first impression, and Inertia creating a comfortable space to sit, stay and make a great deal.

Balmoral Park Acura

- Lobby area
- Customer lounge
- Private offices

- Foster Guest
- Foster Benches
- Foster Tables
- Inertia Task
- Inertia Side

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“Allseating offered Balmoral Park the modern styling, durability and functionality that they were looking for – and within their budget.” – Stacey Strey – Open-Mind Interiors