Allseating Whips Up Accessible Design

Allseating Whips Up Accessible Design

Allseating’s client in the food services sector recently sought out a series of accessible and comfortable seating solutions for their lively and dynamic West Toronto office. Especially impressed with Allseating’s strong commitment to cultivating affordable designs that do not sacrifice quality nor comfort, the client opted for four stunning seating additions to their space.

The client selected Ayles in a vibrant cobalt blue and a striking red to contribute to the already playful and lighthearted aesthetics of the spaces. This stylishly modern lounge chair seamlessly blends business with relaxation—making it the perfect solution for this client’s casual meeting areas. While Ayles is a lounge product, it possesses optimal ergonomics, with a suspension consisting of a novel formed metal spring-back frame for improved lumbar support and superior comfort, so that users can partake in conferences while keeping comfortable.

You Nylon Stools proved to be the ultimate addition to this client’s small touch down space. Expertly crafted with superior proprietary ergonomic features—namely, its ground-breaking invisible lumbar system—as well as easy-to-maneuver adjustments and ranges of motion, You promotes active sitting, which not only improves posture, but also productivity and performance.

Levo steals the show in this client’s small boardroom. Specified in a black frame with a mix of red and black meshes, this task chair proves to be the perfect fit for this touchdown area. Built on the proprietary design methodology of the You family, Levo, which means lift in Latin, offers a more affordable, ergonomic option that dynamically lifts users, effortlessly adapting to movements without the need for straps or paddles.

A high-density side series conveniently designed so that it is there when you need it, Tuck is the perfect additive to this client’s cafeteria and in-between spaces. Developed to fittingly "tuck" away when not in use, the client chose a mix of standard sled bases, as well as counter and bar stools in a myriad of effervescent colorways to impeccably add to the ambiance of the space.

Sharing this client’s proudly North American values and appreciation for affordable novelty, Allseating is thrilled to have been able to aid this customer in carrying out their vision and completing their space with an impeccable mix of dynamic and refined solutions.